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DSC_8702 “Hey! my phone has a better front camera. Let’s use mine.” We all do it. Some more than others.  Taking self-portraits, what we call “Selfies” has become  one of our favorite things to do with our phone. My phone is often flooded with atleast five to six selfies a day. I am often mocked at by my friends, family about why I do it.  People also find it a very narcissistic thing to take selfies.  Yes, it does make us  look narcissist and self-obsessed but we still care less and it’s strange. Since the time front-facing cameras came into being,  the act of taking selfies has built a lot of self esteem in people who were earlier very conscious of their appearance. Today, people are not overthinking about how they look before putting up a quick selfie online. All they care is to share with their friends about what they are doing, where they are and with whom they are with and selfies are the best pictures to share their moments in their favorite places with their people. The science of face photos tells that most of us pay attention to faces more than anything else in photo categories. And looking directly into the camera can help make a direct connection with someone and helps create empathy. I think which is why selfies took the whole world by storm in 2013 which is also known to be the year of selfies. DSC_8705 I am obsessed with selfies like most of you and I am trying my best to not overdo it. No wonder, my friends call me the Selfie-Queen! And how appropriate is this funky SELFIE phone cover I recently got from Happoz. It makes quite a statement and is a great conversation starter.  The best part is I do not feel conscious while taking a selfie because the phone cover is already a disclaimer. Ha.. haa! Check out Happoz for more quirky phone covers if you are into that. I’d love to know your thoughts on selfies: Is your phone filled with them too? Leave comments below and let me know.  

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