Trends come and go, like a routine every year.Each new fashion season comes with newer trends asking us to let go of all our favorite outfits we wore last year. It’s true that we’re all part of this complex web spun by the fashion industry telling us what to wear each season. This season was all about cold shoulders, metallics, sequins and most of us got so busy chasing these that we totally stopped trusting some classic fashion trends that are never too old for any season. Having said that, I for one, am definitely not the “TRENDY” type. To me fashion is like- “anything works” as long as it is appropriate. Classic trends which never go out of style like the WHITE+DENIM  is something that thrills me more than the fast-changing trends that disappear in just a few seasons. I am quite content with my capsule wardrobe that consists of my favorite pair of skinny jeans and a few pretty white tops like this one. Honestly, this is one outfit that is my favorite this season and for all the next fashion seasons to come.

                Photography: Abhishek Sarkar Venue Courtesy: Rendezvous, Hyderabad

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