Why ThatLook?

Hi, I’m Preeti & I run ThatLook from my Hyderabad based studio. ThatLook is a blog that documents stories of my everyday fashion looks. Each look has a story to tell. I share my first time experiences trying a new trend or brand and also share small incidents associated with why I wore what I wore.That Look is an inspiration to that everyday girl who values looking good and dressing right for every occasion. I am also a marketer, a live musician and little lazy when I am not blogging.

Over time I realized the goal of a petite person is not necessarily to create the illusion that you are a tall person. Instead it’s about finding stuff that accentuate your look with your natural figure. I started experimenting with fun style combination that made looking petite very attractive. Now, I love my body and have no qualms about being how I am. My blog That Look is all about documenting such stories.

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