This being on our first year of marriage, I have been counting down months until I could bring home a Christmas tree and listen to the Holy night and feel absolutely Christmasy for the rest of the month.

We have spent the first two weeks of this month picking up a tree, scouting for a variety of Christmas decorations for our home. We bought an artificial 6 feet tall Christmas tree and invested a good 60 euros in it so we could repurpose this tree every year around this time. There are plenty of Christmas markets around the Netherlands and it has been such a joy to gradually build up a collection of the kitsch, baubles, and ornaments for your home.

This is my first year of celebrating Christmas ever so seriously that too with my partner in our first home. That means we have had to start from scratch. So, it’s all too exciting and overwhelming too. I have very meticulously picked up Christmas decorations that can be repurposed every year and not the ones which have to be disposed of after one use. Anand, my husband tells me that in his family every year during Christmas, the kids have had to pull down lofts and carrier bags from the storeroom with years worth of collectibles and decorations and some sentimental pieces that hold value for every family. So, I am really excited to slowly pile up items of sentimental value for Christmas and stock them up in a cozy Christmas shelf in our storeroom.’

This year, with the festive season in full swing, I have been feeling very very excited to begin our own Christmas rituals and traditions because there is so much joy in adopting a new culture and giving it your own sentimental touch. I have never felt so excited about traditions before because mostly we pick it up from what we see and grow up with. We have never had to choose or pick a tradition or a festival before. Culture and traditions are something that is often passed on like a baton to us as kids to take it forward without asking any questions. So, learning about Christmas in the Dutch sense of meaning and culture has been one of the exciting things of learning about Christmas in the Netherland. After all culture and traditions are not just something you pick from your own family. Isn’t it?

The Christmas Tree:

Since this is our first year of Christmas together, we are yet to discover our own Christmas traditions because that is something that needs to evolve inherently and not consciously.

We have picked up a bunch of baubles from a variety of places. So, as of yet, there is no one special bauble that we can say is a novelty from a special store or a place we visited. Although, I did put an A letter bauble after my husband’s name. I didn’t find a P bauble because it was sold out but I am guessing I have to go with something very creative that symbolizes the woman in the house. Ahem. I want to put a little print of our wedding picture so that it is on my to-do chart for the next weekend.

The one thing that I have learned baubles for a Christmas tree is to play around with sizes. Don’t just get fancied with the big shiny baubles because of its size and glitter. Play around with miniature ones too because they bring in a lot of festive details to your tree. Be very creative and personalization is key when it comes to picking baubles that goes up on your tree. Let every trinket, bauble tell a story about your family, dreams or new year wishes.

I hope you enjoyed this little festive walkthrough where I am discovering the Christmas spirit in me. I hope my children and grandchildren come back to this post years later and learn about my first Christmas experiences and story of my first ever Christmas tree.

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