The Best of Skincare: 2019 edition

So! the time has come for the most-awaited beauty picks of 2019 from yours truly. I am really stoked with the amazing response I got from the first post from this series. Read it here.

I was so excited when I got all your responses to the previous post, that I took a little extra time to look back over some of the products that have withstood the test of time in my skincare vanity. I am so grateful to these beauties and I have revisited them again and again over the year and they didn’t let me down. Trust me if your skin is oily and acne-prone, I bet these are the ones to really look out for.

This year, owing to my acne-prone skin conditions, I was probably the most well informed I have ever been about my skincare, what works, the details and compositions of each product, what do they chemicals actually do and every single information about it. Maybe this is a part of adulting when you start taking things very seriously and listen to your body and not ignoring the signs your skin is showing. So, I am sharing all the products I have been using from AM to PM and the ones I am deeply grateful for.

STEP 1: COSRX Salicylic Daily Gentle Cleanser

This is my new discovery after moving to the Netherlands. Until now I was only using mild face wash for my skin but ever since I switched to this one, I have seen my pores and acne shrink slowly. This is a salicylic cleanser. Salicyclic acid is a potent ingredient for targeting acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. IT penetrates into the skin and dissolves skin debris that clogs pores and therefore helps acne go away faster. The best part is a drop of this product is good enough to form enough lather to clean your face and neck. It doesn’t strip and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean just what my face needs after every wash.

STEP 2: The Body Shop Green Tea Toner
I have finished about 3 bottles of this toner this year. Yes, it’s that good. This toner comes with mattifying powder that settles in the bottom of the bottle, so it needs a little shake before application. I am a devoted fan of using toners after cleansing my face. They really give a finishing touch to your cleansing routine and make your skin ready to soak in all the hydration. This toner is the perfect no-nonsense toner that will calm your skin down and prep it for any makeup or moisturizing.

The Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic: (5 % glycolic acid toner)
This product is a cult favourite of many beauty addicts.  To be honest, I cannot exactly tell if this product has anything got to do with the improvement of my skin, but it was a major part of my skin routine throughout this year. It’s power ingredient- glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant that chemically removes dead skin cells to reveal newer skin. At the beginning of its usage, this product caused me some major breakouts but with continued use, I have seen some good change. I use it only 3 days a week because it is a little too intense for everyday application.

STEP 3: CAN’T DO WITHOUT The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% Facial care

I call these serums Boosters and I have come to realize they are a fundamental part of our beauty routines to provide our skin all the potent ingredients it really needs. Some days I give my skin a dose of salicylic acid or vitamin c boosters based on how it’s feeling. In this case, vitamin C has been a new find for me. Vitamin C has extra oxidants that provides the skin a much more even tone and texture. Please excuse me if I sound like a science teacher but understanding the ingredients is key to skincare. The ordinary Vitamin C has a face scrub like texture but disappears into the skin magically after applying. This has really improved my skin texture after those annoying acne had taken over my skin. If you are looking for a great Vitamin C serum, look no further. It cost me just 12 bucks so all the more reason to celebrate this amazing product.

Please note: Use a sunscreen every time you apply Vitamin C serum on your skin.

STEP 3: Oooh! Moisturizers
Depending on the kind of skin I am having, I flit between these two gems one is a gel-based moisturizer and one is a creamy heavy moisturizer. The Oat moisturizer is something my dermal recommended. Oats and Vitamin e are its key properties and this moisturizer feels extra-moisturizing and nourishing. So, if you find it in a drug store then do get your hands on it because it is doctor-prescribed. I also picked up this Neutrogena gel-based moisturiser when my skin feels extremely oily and not ready for a heavy moisturiser. This one is great for night time skin routine. It tingles the eyes a little bit so avoid applying it very close to your eyes.

STEP 4:  Body-Lovin’ the Body Shop Body Butter 
This has been my holy-grail body product for ages now. If you are prone to dry skin and flakiness, then this will be a total savior. It hydrates your body skin like a dream and easy to spend because of the butter consistency. They are these in small travel sizes too is it’s easy to carry around in your everyday bag as well. There are plenty of variants in this range but the shea butter one is my personal favorite. Shea butter has many benefits. This has helped soothe my itchy Psoriasis skin when it was at its worst. It reduced all kinds if inflammation I had in my skin during the time. The shea in this product improves the skin’s natural collagen production and has made a lot of my Psoriasis scars lighten away in just a few months. Now my body skin is much softer and healthy and this product has a lot to do with that.

Spot-Boys: The Body Shop Tea Tree oil

Now this product is a gem. It is. Tea tree is an essential oil that has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and the Body Shop Tea Tree is the best tea tree product in the  market. Nothing works better for me for spot-treatment than this one. You can mix this with any other essential oil and apply to your spots and use them as a last step to your skincare routine.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid:

This is a cult and powerful concentrated treatment serum with salicylic acid as its chief ingredient. I apply this serum on my T zone thrice a week during my night-time routine. This product is a serum but works great as a spot treatment  for your acne. It’s glorious for cystic acne and whiteheads too. Make sure you use an SPF the very next day.

I hope you have managed to find a few skincare pals to join you in 2020 – here’s to great and healthy skin in the year 2020. Cheers!

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