That Perfect Thing Called Tamara

Making Maggi that is the right kind of soupy just the way you like it. Finding a track on youtube, the one that perfectly fits your mood right now. Timing your uber booking such that your cab arrives just when you step out of your home. Finding that someone who is exactly like the love of your dreams.
Our lives are getting so lost each passing day, that we think these perfectly fitting things or situations in our lives are too good to be true.
The idea of getting my first personalized footwear was a similar “too-good-to-be-true” thought. I found the whole concept so amusing until I designed my first footwear at the new shoe design studio Tamara Shoes.
It took me just one lazy Sunday afternoon to take my feet measurements and submit my shoe design on the website.

BTW! Did I tell you, I was featured in the Top 100 Looks of the year by Wooplr?

12966328_10207436885738324_2037513084_n DSC_6892 DSC_6876 And tada! my brand new pair of wedges was at my doorstep in a week! Aren’t they lovely? PreetiPooja-02 The white and beige color tone was quite an experiment that I was willing to risk when I designed this for myself. My shoe wardrobe is full of blacks and browns. I thought I might as well take a chance but the result was incredible. When I told the folks at Tamara Shoes that Tamara also means “Yours” in Oriya and this couldn’t be more fitting a name for your brand, they said “It’s yours after all, you designed it”.   DSC_6917 DSC_6930 DSC_6940 DSC_6952                                    Cropped Shirt: Vero Moda | Midi Skirt : Forever 21 | Bag – Charles & Keith Get the look here.
  1. Cropped Shirt from Vero Moda
  2. Midi Skirt From Forever 21

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