Street-Style Worthy Outfit To Wear When Using Public Transport

There is something to be said about women who love to dress up even on their  busiest days. Don’t worry. I am one of them. As much as I respect the glamour of travel, I also don’t believe in being uncomfortably-stylish especially if I am planning a long day outdoors that includes running errands and meeting friends. I understand that there is no reason to your usual jeans-and-tee all the time in the name of comfort when you are out on a busy schedule; I am all for putting in a little effort and pulling off a good-looking yet comfortable outfit. If you have to spend an entire day getting in and out of your UBER cabs or autos swiftly, you’ve got to rethink okay! There is a whole world that exists between jeans and dresses, and plenty of clothes that are not just comfortable to wear but also keep your street-style game on point.
I have this easy Bohemian ensemble for you today that looks effortlessly fashionable and doesn’t make you look overdressed. Wearing a maxi skirt or a maxi dress is a great idea especially if you are using public transport in India because wearing short dresses can be quite a pain in this situation(needless to say). The quickest way to jazz up a minimal outfit? Add some vintage jewellery accents to your outfit. In the accessories department, I am trying the less-is-more rule by trying a boho necklace, some bangles and of course my sunnies. OUTFIT DETAILS: Top: AND, Lifestyle Stores; Maxi Skirt: Max Fashion India; Accessories: Trinkaholic; Sandals: Zara India

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