Street Art Meets Street Style

The public walls around the city say a lot. You know the ones which greet you with weird messages, “I Love Yous”, phone numbers selling “bean bags” and stickers like “Don’t stick bills, “Please don’t pee here” etc. Most walls are also full of posters of political parties,  shady DJ nights, insults and some people also revealing their innermost secrets. But now things are changing. dsc_4623 Hyderabad is now embracing urban street art and is bringing conversational art work closer to people. While I was busy scouting for shoot locations in the early hours of a Sunday morning, I discovered this huge stretch of wall art murals across the Necklace Road. The entire wall art here has been created by a very talented artist Harith Puram who is a contemporary artist who completed his masters at JNTU, Hyderabad. This wall art is just one of many wall arts that you will find in Hyderabad.
 The way our cities are built and the architecture around it is primarily grey, beige and washed out greens in color. Art and colors especially is largely missing in our public spaces. The only colors we see are on the billboards that are about high-selling brands and these billboards contribute very little to the design of our community. Our urban design really lacks a personality and only compelling works of art can transform our cities into something more engaging.
Urban street art is a powerful tool that can provoke the city dwellers to engage with their environment and re-socialise with their public spaces.
Most of us experience the feeling of being moved by a form of art, whether it is a song, a dance, a painting or an act. Sadly, we are not as exposed to works of painting as much as we are exposed to music and dance. A lot of such art is confined to just museums and a lot of us have not felt art as much as we have felt music and films.
I am personally very thrilled to shoot more of my street style shoots in grafitti backdrops like this. It adds so much life and color to my pictures and inspires me to shoot something exciting each time. I am sure these walls will encourage more people to come forward and engage with their communities and their neighbourhood spaces. Next time, you see these wall arts in Necklace Road, don’t just walk past them and see for yourself what these paintings are saying. All these wall arts are open to interpretation and I think makes great conversation starters with your friends.
 Outfit Details:
Sweater: Pepe Jeans
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Only
Shoes: Tresmode
Photography: Sayini Sai Charan

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