Didn’t Know Spring Better

Long time no speak? I moved to the Netherlands with my husband a month ago. It’s truly felt like a transformational life-change in the most beautiful city in the world, Amsterdam. I can’t fill you in on everything that I got up to in the last month – there’s a lot.

The one thing I am consciously adjusting to every day is the cold and unpredictable weather in Europe. It’s spring now in this part of the world but a temperature of 10-15 degrees Celcius is still quite cold for a girl from South-India. But honestly, I am quite delighted to move to this new part of the world that does seasons very well, the changing leaves, the blooming flowers and the crisp mornings have really upped the ante in getting me excited for the spring- and my wardrobe for that matter too.

Having done the big move, my cold-weather wardrobe (calling it cold-weather because the spring here for me dear is COLD!) was still hanging up. I have never taken warm clothes very seriously because Indians, especially in the south, do not experience much of it in their lifetime except for a couple of months in the year. Before I was moving here I only packed a few linen dresses and some pretty sandals because I had a completely wrong idea of spring in Europe.

Anyway I did work on quickly building a decent and manageable wardrobe for the spring. It was time for some staple additions like neutral-color jumpers that are always a safe choice and a pair of black boots. Here I am repurposing my summer slip dress by layering it with the jumper – they instantly made for a cute look for the spring. The same goes for the black pair of boots too. They look great with everything from fun dresses to jeans and a sweater. This mini slip dress is a perfect understated twist on a staple that adds life to simple outfits and compliments something more statement too. 

Anyway I am excited to get into the real “spring” experience, and would love to share my first time spring-wardrobe styles with you. If you have reached until this point of my post, I would love to see your comment down in this post.

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