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Once upon a time, you had an interest.
In fact, you had lots of them.
But then life happened. Your dreams and interests took separate roads.
As much as you are happy with your success, you feel flat now for leaving behind your interests and passion.

Bored. Uninspired. Unhappy. And you don’t know how to get back the spark. Do you want to reunite with your passion?

 Look! Don’t try to convince yourself that it’s too late to start again.
teaser So, just so you know, how to start- keep reading…
Write a Love Letter
Sit down with a paper and pen and write down about all the things, concepts and interests you are attracted to. Trust me, I did this too.
Now, Talk About Your Love
Tell a friend about your interest. Describe it with as many details as possible. While you describe it, you will actually unfold everything you have inside your heart about your love for that dream.
Accept the dream you have. It is what it is. It might seem stupid since you don’t see it materialize yet. And that is alright.
Start Up Quite Literally
Many people have a starting problem. It is difficult to get out of your comfort zone and start all over again with your passion. But pushing yourself to start again with an action plan is important. And it’s going to be worth it. Trust me!
Today’s story is an ode to reuniting with art that I had left back in time. The reason why I took to singing years after my college got over is that it was the only way I could be really happy. I knew for sure that the one thing I truly valued and loved like nothing else in my life was to sing. Here are a few things I did to start all over again:
1. I started meeting fellow musicians in the city and watched them perform.
2. I requested like-minded musicians to allow me to jam with them.
3. I practiced all day all night to recover my long lost vocals and started preparing much before my jamming sessions.
4. I also worked on figuring out how my talent can add value to any composition or even a band for that matter.
5. Humility is everything. I accepted all kinds of feedback that came to me.
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It’s true that the world today is full of amazing artists but who said it doesn’t need anymore. Every artist be it a musician, writer or a designer has the power to build his own little world who want to see his/her work. The size of this world could be small in the beginning, but if you believe in originality and presenting something unique, you never know you are building an audience who actually love your work.
There is nothing more gratifying than performing art.
If you are an artist by heart, do it and show it.
It’s never too late to start again. It never will be.
SPP_2291 SPP_2096 LookBook Details:
  • Denim Dress: MaxFashion India; Buy a similar dress here
  • Crochet Shrug: Thrifted; Buy similar shrug here
  • Headband: itokri
  • Bag: MaxFashion India
  • Footwear: Snugons
  • Sunglasses: Idee
  • Get them here
  • Jhumkis: Amazon; Get them here
 About The Look
Also, today’s inspirational look is in collaboration with a footwear brand SnugOns. Did you notice the intricate Indian hand block printed bellies that I am wearing in today’s look? They are from SnugOns. Snug literally means “fitting closely, sheltered and warm” and this is exactly how my experience was after wearing  them. These are absolute cotton slip-on bellies and perfect for this weather.
If you want to buy this particular pair of SnugOns I am wearing, you can find it here.
I couldn’t think of anything other than a basic denim dress to style these pretty bellies. All the accessories that I chose for this look are #MadeInIndia handcrafted products. This detailed crochet shrug was intentional to give a flirty layering to my denim dress. Also, wearing a block printed headband from itokri which is my favorite Indian handicraft store. While almost the whole world is wearing denim dresses, I was most excited to style this with a Desi tadka just the way I like it. And the jhumkis are a mandatory #MadeInIndia accessory in this look.
This story is particularly close to me because of this my first shoot in my hometown Bhubaneswar with a fantastic team. Also, my first time shooting with Ranvir Deb.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All the items I am wearing are from my favorite local brands online.

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