Pushing Boundaries

What would our world look like if more people started projects, made a ruckus, and took risks?~Seth Godin
  From the age of 19, I was constantly pursuing a new project each year. What I mean by a project is – An idea that is run by a small tribe of people and causes a positive change. These projects were not intended with a long term plan but were focused to creating impact. My first ever project was “Lectures For Good”- a non profit crowdfunding platform. From running a social enterprise to working as a teacher for an education company was already a huge leap for me. I was still exploring what I wanted to do in my life. Two years later which is now, I am a marketer for a company, a live music artist and now a fashion blogger. By now I already fear that you are judging me on why I didn’t ever commit to a single idea. But, did I always have to? Is it always about sticking to an idea or a goal for the rest of your life? I don’t know. DSC_6794 Many of us fear dabbling into newer jobs or projects because of risks like scalability issues, lack of financial security and sustainability. During transitioning from one idea to another, I did look a little fickle and distracted about my life goals. But every project I did caused a change to happen. A change that was positive and that compelled me to push my own limits and boundaries. The jobs I took on, the things I created, they were intended to have a better social impact on both me and the world around. A short lived job or project is like a small life experience that you choose to create. I believe pursuing small creative projects in life is the best way of self expression. It gives us a bigger meaning of ‘living’ a life. Isn’t life all about pursuing newer projects, ticking off new goals in life? By all means, take up an idea and find your new thing because you would never know that you are actually so awesome. Yeah! I am bringing in today’s look as my best self-expression. A basic jeans and top accessorized with some thrifted local jewelry. It’s a mix of being both bold and earthy at the same time. DSC_6652 DSC_6604   DSC_6665   DSC_6724
                       Crop Top: AND | Jeans : Reliance Trends | Bag – Max Fashion | Heels – Wet Blue   Photography: Abhishek Sarkar   

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