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THATLOOK & BEYOND: Pricing Strategies For Bloggers

Question: How much should I charge for a blog review or for a standard collaboration?
This is one of the very common questions early-stage bloggers have been asking me all the time. This is the reason why it prompted me to do a video to share my pricing strategies for bloggers who are just starting out.
Unlike every other profession that exists on the planet, there is no real industry standard for bloggers and that is very unfortunate. Especially for things like how much bloggers can or should charge, there is absolutely no information on the web.
In this video, I am sharing a standard approach that I and most other freelancers and bloggers use to figure the value of one of your blogposts or a vlog. I am not just talking about what you should charge but also why you can charge it. Once, you know the actual value of a sponsored post on either your blog or youtube or social media, it makes it easier for you to sell your blog services right when a brand reaches out to you.  
Watch the full video here:

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