Postcards From Palolem, Goa

The only downside to my little break in Palolem, Goa was that it felt like time flew by in a blink of an eye. Two days for somewhere as beautiful as Palolem will never be enough, but I feel fortunate that I managed to tick it off and definitely plan to return soon for another holiday. South Goa is always full of surprises and Palolem, 76 kms away from the capital city is one such destination you must not miss.

Normally if I am venturing the South of Goa, it tells a lot about my holiday mood. It certainly means I am looking for something more relaxed than fun and adventurous. Palolem beach, the most beautiful and silent beach in the heart of South Goa, is a treasure known for its postcard-perfect white beaches meant for long-terms stayers and families.

I packed my bags on a Friday afternoon and headed to the beautiful Palolem, arriving just around dinner time and got enough time before sleep to plan my next couple of days here. After dinner, we took a long walk at the Palolem beach to explore its quaint yet lit night life. 

Exploring Palolem was everything I have always wished for and more. I mean what’s not to love about Palolem,  surreal beaches, palm trees and a beautiful calmness even in the peak of the tourist season. The protected bay is one of the safest for swimming spots in Goa where you can comfortably kayak and paddle board too.

With boats bobbing and pulling in and on the Palolem beach and the sun getting lower in the sky – we got onto one to explore the Butterfly island across the sea.

Butterfly island beach is a hidden land of adventure that occupies a tiny semicircular bay on the north of the Palolem beach. On the way to the island from the PAlolem beach, we witnessed beautiful dolphin acrobatics which made our experience of getting to the island even better.

As the sun went down, I got a glimpse of the Palolem sunset. We headed back to the beach and stumbled across a little Italian place that lured us in with the promise of pizza and a cold can of Thumbs Up.

Palolem is a perfect balance of calmness and a little bustle, the little overflowing streets,  – some with Bohemian antique shops, some with souvenirs to buy. The street side restaurants that serve a variety of delicacies, the passers by. It can get a little chaotic in a moment and completely calm and beautiful at the same time. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone considering South Goa for a little break.

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