Overalls That Remind Me of My Favorite Character From The 90s

  Nostalgia is a funny thing. It’s easy to get enthusiastic talking about what-it-feels-like-growing-up-in-the-90s, singing that catchy Dekh Bhai Dekh song and catching up on Shaktimaan and Mowgli. There was something about that time and there were certain objects, television shows, comic strips that have a weird power to totally plunge me into nostalgia.      


  Growing up, I harbored a secret crush on a five year old  character called Dennis from the Dennis The Menace comic strip. This five year old character Dennis  was over energetic, mischievous and yet the most sweet-natured boy in his neighborhood and was forever curious. His yellow blonde hair and the tiny freckles on his face is an imagery I could never get off my head.  


This was also a time I had secretly drawn umpteen number of Dennis sketches in his trademark red overalls and the blue-black striped shirt. I had the entire stack of his sketches inside my school-bag.          


No wonder, I was always amused by overalls or dungarees as you know it. When it comes to fashion, 90s have made an impressive comeback and I am totally have a 90s moment wearing these trends. A traditional overall isn’t my thing but I am so glad there is a solution to that. Let me introduce you to this least tomboy take on the trend- the overall dress. With it’s dungaree straps and a cute girly skater look at the bottom, it’s the perfect take on the classic Dennis outfit.    


            Photography: Sayini Sai Charan

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