Not a Basic Girl Anymore

Yeah! Well, I am only a couple of months late to post a fashion blog. I think it is because this year the blogger in me has taken a giant leap from fashion content to lifestyle and inspiration. While I have been juggling the life of a freelance marketing professional in Amsterdam, a good wife and an educator (more details later), there are so many interesting content topics that I am consuming and creating at the same time. But, fashion has always been a deeply personal topic for me. I have never felt weighed down by a certain trend in fashion. I follow my gut and listen to my body type before picking an outfit for myself.

I had saved this outfit post for a little Monday-pick-me-up if you are feeling a stuck up about what-to-wear in November.

These pictures were taken on a beautiful day in Amsterdam where I took out time from a dull and monotonous week to meet my new friend in the city. I rarely go out to meet someone over coffee and in the past few months, I have been doing that quite a lot for an introverted-extrovert person.

Since the last time I shared life updates with you all, a lot of things are new in life right now. I have a lot more friends and a lot more real work on my plate. The house is a lot tidier too. We have had guests come home regularly and I have sort of perfected being almost as good a host as Monica!

I also launched a new work page on Instagram “YourSocially” where I share my journey as a marketing consultant and a lot of social media tactics and content creation strategies for business owners. So get a peek here if you are curious.

Back to this outfit! I feel like, I have finally begun to understand and work things out with fall and cozy weather outfits. My biggest outfit inspiration these days are people walking on the streets and Rachel and Monica from Friends. I am not joking when I say that. I have never worn these kinds of clothes in my entire lifetime and I’m loving having a bit of new zest for outfits like these in my wardrobe.

So let me introduce you to a couple of my favorite items that I have been wearing a lot these days. This striped sweater was picked up this fall from the NewYorker store in Dam Square, Amsterdam and although they won’t be warm enough for much longer, look amazing with denim, high waist black trousers like these or cord pants. They are pretty skinny-fit but I like how sharp it makes me look.

The black pair of trousers from Van Heusen is one of my most favorite formal wear in my wardrobe. I have worn them to meetings, interviews and have repurposed them recently for casual outfits too. I think a mid -rise black trousers with an ankle fit-works best for petite women like me. A tiny bit of ankle-show creates an illusion of some extra height and also compliments boots very well.

And that’s where I am at! I am starting Monday with a long list of tasks and errands to run. Also, today I am playing the role of a photographer who is taking pictures of my friend and influencer for a watch brand promotion. So, I am a wee bit excited about that besides meeting some new people for lunch. I have a bit of a busy week planned ahead as I am hosting YourSocially Collective- a breakfast meetup for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals in Amsterdam next weekend.

We have got another trip planned this month and I am a little terrified about the cold there.

Have a lovely week you all!

Photography: Jayasri Arun

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