How To Wear A Crop Top!

“I’m cool to show just a bit of my midriff, but I am too embarrassed to show my belly. Really! I badly want to wear the Crop Top trend but my slightly protruding natural belly doesn’t allow me.” This was a conversation I had with my friends a few months back. I could never dare to bring a crop top into my wardrobe. Trust me, when my first crop top came to me as a gift, I didn’t touch it for about a month. Apart from my oh-no-my-belly-is-showing fear I just found the idea of a cropped sweatshirt crazy. But then, it was a special gift I had to wear it.

This is how I styled my crop top.

  Cropped sweater: H&M; Midrise Jeans: Zara; Shoes: Puma     Since I didn’t yet own a high waisted jeans because crop tops and high waisted jeans go together, I thought I will make do with a mid rise jeans and it turned out pretty cute. When my most trusted friends said “it isn’t bad at all”, I was on top of the world. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Wear a crop top with a mid rise or high waisted jeans.

    DSC_6762     DSC_6796-e1448691348385           That feeling of pulling off a crop top from day to night for the first time was something most women (who have tried this trend) will relate to. I have an average Indian woman bodytype and that is in between petite and curvy, which is why I did not understand if the crop top for my kind of body is a good or a bad idea. But I am so glad I tried this out and couldn’t wait to share this experience on my blog. So if you haven’t worn this trend yet, pick a crop top of the length that you are comfortable with and pair it well with a mid rise or high waisted jeans or skirt. You can choose from many crop top designs that are available online these days. And only then, you will understand the joy of pulling of a trend.   Photography by : Raveena Kandregula  

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