My Everyday Lip Color: Chambor Extreme Wear TransferProof Liquid Lipstick Review

Chambor-Extreme-Wear-483-Transferproof-Liquid-Lipstick Since, a lot of you have been asking my details of my lip colors on my last few post, I thought I might as well do a small feature on the lip shade that has gotten you all curious. The lip shade that I am talking about is the Chambor ExtremeWear Transferproof Lipstick shade no.483. 483 This liquid lipstick is a beautiful pink with coral undertones and gets slightly darker in shade after a little while. I have been wearing this shade almost everyday and trust me that it goes with most outfits. This lipstick shade really compliments pastels and pink outfits more than anything. I used to really get confused about picking suitable shades when I am wearing pastel colors in my outfit because I was afraid to try very loud pop colors with pastels, whites and pinks. DSC_8536
This lipstick stays for almost the whole day and it is literally transfer-proof. It doesn’t smudge at all. It can tend to get a little dry like most liquid lipsticks do. So, I do moisturize my lips with a lip balm before applying this liquid lipstick.The Body Shop lip balm works best for me. It’s just on extra step in your lip makeup routine when applying liquid lipsticks but it’s worth it. Priced at Rs 845 The kind of finish and matte effect this range gives you is unbeatable.
You can get this shade here: Chambor Extreme Wear Matte Liquid Lipstick Shade no.483 Let me know if you liked this post and if you want me to do more of these.      

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