Hyderabad Trails: A Beautiful Music Trail With Nature

I am amazed how most of my stories on the blog are turning to be more about music. Trust me it’s not intentional, it’s just that it is one of the few exciting things in my life. Very recently, an acquaintance of mine suggested I do a music video, start a youtube channel because that’s where the real promotion and recognition builds or so it seems. That got me really thinking about what were my real #musicgoals in life. Lot of you asked me, “So, Preeti, what’s next! How serious are you about pursuing music? Where are you playing next?” Being an artist doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be the best among others, that I must have a positioning on social media and do a 100 shows each year or even have a youtube channel. I feel wonderful being a musician and the fact that I “can” sing and entertain people no matter how small that audience is. I am humbled that I am blessed with a talent of performing art. A blessing so good that I can sing and put a baby to sleep. I sang to my grandfather who was counting his last days on his deathbed and helped him feel little less in pain. The power of art and music is unparalelled and we don’t really underestimate that power. It’s sad and very shallow of how we value art today in terms of youtube views, amount of revenue you make, genre you play etc. DSC_0783   I remember when I was about 15, I had an epiphany moment. I took a practical decision about not pursuing music for a career. I told myself that I am not an exceptional singer and I know that. I don’t have to be the best and chase the rat race in here because the world today is full of wonderful talent, so let’s not even go there. But what I can still do is entertain people and jam along with other musicians and artists and co-create music just for the love of art. And that’s how the concept of organising a “Music Trail With Nature” evolved. That is what today’s story is about. My band members and I hosted this event at the KBR National Park recently in Hyderabad with an organisation called Hyderabad Trails. Hyderabad Trails curates shared experiences of the city through organised walks and activities that explore it’s natural, built and cultural heritage. 12052479_1498359277124316_3464944504496101966_o This time we brought music to the KBR Park Walkway. A prime portion of the 6km joggers track of KBR is feared to be demolished to build a flyover. Everyday close to 2800 walkers use this track. Hyderabad trails conducts frequent walks and protests so as to bring this beautiful heritage site to the awareness of people. As part of this mission, we organised this Jamming Session on the rocks and the greens at the National Park. We asked musicians and music enthusiasts to bring their instruments and songs to set together for a nature trail where we could all jam.   DSC_0818 After an awkward round of introductions, we opened the trail with a performance where people just joined us with their instruments in between. The first pit stop of the trail was at the yoga shed at KBR Park. DSC_0796 DSC_0828 We were happy to have some really talented musicians with us with instruments like the didgeridoo. I am sharing a little snippet of this instrument below. #whatiwore 13565978_10153843711968253_1453168513_n My love for being earthy just got another reason to wear something raw and earthy especially for an event like this. I layered this light-weight white vest on a crop top with some tan details in my footwear. Outfit details: Vest: Zara Jeans: Vero Moda Sandals: Tresmode   DSC_0876 After a small jamming session at the yoga shed, we started walking towards the rocks to find another interesting spot to settle down and start jamming again. I had a chance to interact with different people about what got them here and what is the kind of music they like etc.

I and Sundheep with his cajon.

13603814_1579820772311499_5189330746627488762_o     I am also sharing a little snippet of our jamming session at the rocks at KBR Park, Hyderabad. 13570059_10153847197008253_1511761319_o The whole of the month of Ramzan, we have been waking up to shocking news of terrorist events all over the world. Every time there is a terrorist attack, we protest, condemn, spread hate and talk about it. And there are small and unknown organisations like Hyderabad Trails who are fighting for heritage sites, nature and their protection and spreading love about art and bringing people together. It doesn’t matter how much of an impact we can bring into our community by such events, what matters is we care and we are doing “something” about it.  
Art has the power to solve the world’s most pressing problems.
  We had a lovely time spreading awareness about nature and spreading love through our music. Write to me if you are curious about more such events in future. DSC_1014     Picture Courtesy: Shivkanth Agrihari & Aneel          

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