A Thing with Monsoon

DSC_0350 The fresh clear air, the smell of the wet soil, the glistening greens. There is always one very vivid memory that we associate with the rains. Something from the past or from our childhood or of that of a loved one. A memory so strong that somewhere in our minds there’s always a slow and endless drizzle thinking of that memory.   new Monsoon is also the time when we want to dress easy and comfortable and still look great. I too wanted to take a break from my tight fitting skinny-jeans and trousers. I opted for these high-waisted palazzos for a looser silhouette that give a  graceful flare to my body. What I really love about this loose style is that it looks relatively conservative and gives a maxi dress feel instead of looking like pants. DSC_0200 It’s a very common myth that shorter women or those with curves can’t wear loose flared pants. It’s not true if you choose your palazzos carefully so you make the best of your bodytype.  In my case, since I am petite I chose to pick these subtle blue pants without any bold prints. I tucked in a well fitting top with these high-waist pants because what’s the point of wearing high-waisted pants if you’re only going to be covering them with an untucked top? DSC_0263 DSC_0370 As you can see, I chose to accessorise my entire outfit with hints of red. Trust me, I do pick my accessories first and then decide the outfit and not vice versa when I am choosing what to wear. Accessorizing is something that is largely missing in most women and I think we really especially underestimate the power of thrifted jewellery. For example these red earings take my outfit to the next level. I bought these tiny jhumkis for just 100 buks and they prove that it’s not important how small or big you are. What matters is the contribution you bring to the table and how it impacts the bigger picture. Oh! And that makes the perfect summary to this story and I will let you drench your heart with this thought. Happy Monsoon! Also, feel free to write to me what is that one memory that flashed in your mind when you read the first lines in this story. DSC_0360 DSC_0212   Photography By: ABHISHEK SARKAR      

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