Loving the Basics

After a couple of dull weeks, it felt like a treat to hop onto a train and explore a new place in the Netherlands. It was an impromptu day-trip that we planned in a jiffy as most weekends we end up just running errands for grocery and other trivial things.

Just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam central, we got off at a station to explore this beautiful city of North Holland, Haarlem. We were wandering around Haarlem for a few hours on foot and the city felt so quintessentially Dutch with a very quaint small-town warmth to it as compared to Amsterdam. Haarlem bustles like a painting full of medieval character from cobbled streets to gabled houses everywhere. Anand and I have this funny thing of looking at an ancient photograph on the phone of the same place we are in at the moment and it is just so exciting every time to imagine the same spot in an old-time vibe.

Although there isn’t much that we explored in Haarlem in the few hours of the day we had, I thought I will be more worthy of doing a travel post on Haarlem once we have seen more of it. But I want to really bring your attention to this very basic no-brainer outfit that is quite wearable by most women of all sizes. This outfit was one of those “I have nothing to wear” looks and that you pull out in a short time especially when you have to catch a train in the next twenty minutes.

Last-minute outfit dilemmas are always fun to do and it’s safe to wear something basic to avoid going wrong when you don’t have time. I am wearing as-basic-as-it-gets ‘a pair of black linen-culottes’ that I wish I had bought earlier because they are so great. Pairing a white graphic tee with my culottes brought out such a fun monochrome look that I was not really going for in the beginning. A bright yellow graphic tee breaking the black-and-white monotone subtly enough to bring in that day-trip vibe in me.

As I get older, I am just happy that I am being drawn to more basic wardrobe pieces like white tees and black linen pants. These are staples that can get new leases of life every time I pair it in different ways and create so many different looks out of it in a new place and in a new time. These culottes that have been worn with Puma classic shoes today might be paired with a pretty pair of Espadrilles later with a fun basket bag. With the change in season, these pants will see new and fun accessories being paired with it and will create so many fun looks that I will discover and obsess over myself.

Being a fashion blogger comes with a lot of responsibility and the biggest one is to remind my readers that your next best outfit is sitting pretty in your wardrobe already. You have to just recreate it with some fun mixing and matching of your staples. A new Zara dress or a Topshop jumpsuit you have been eyeing on is always nice and exciting but the fun is in making the most out of what you already have in your closet and creating so many different outfits for yourself.

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