Let’s talk about ‘problem’ skin and my Skin story

It’s been a minute since I have discussed skincare with you all recently. Before the year finally hits the tunnel, I want to share something personal with you. While life has been a rollercoaster ride for me in 2019, my skin has seen some tough times this year.

 Today, I am going to share with you about how this year has changed the way I perceive skincare and dealt with the insecurities that come with my problem skin.

Now, I am going to be really honest with you. This year my skin saw its most traumatic time ever not just face but body skin as well. I was diagnosed with mild Psoriasis just a month before my wedding. Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. I had scaly skin around my forehead and neck on my wedding day. I had red itchy spots that spread all around my body and legs a few days before my wedding.  Along with Psoriasis, I had also was breaking out in the worst possible way. It was heartbreaking. In the wedding madness, I did not have time to see a dermatologist. Everyone around me said things like it must have been an allergy, consequences of the season change, etc. It got worse in the next month and the timing made it so hard for me to believe that it was really happening to me during my wedding month.

I felt like I was cursed. I hated my skin and I was insecure about it the whole time. I have never had skin issues before and I was in a constant denial that how can this be happening to me. About a month post my wedding I visited a skin doctor in my hometown. The doctor had a very friendly chat with me trying to understand my medical history and what events could have led my skin to act up this bad. 

Before sticking out a prescription, he told me that he was certain that it was physical and mental stress that had taken a toll on my skin. It was true a couple of months before my wedding, I was going through a hard time in my personal life. I was constantly falling sick and my skin was showing signs of weakness but I did not pay attention to it. At that time I was having trouble sleeping and also had gut problems. Every time my skin started acting up, instead of visiting a skin doctor, I would go buy a set of new beauty products online and lather them on my face and body.

Having no history of psoriasis and acne in my family, my doctor said this is what STRESS has done to you. This is what STRESS looks like. When I connected the dots from the last few months I realized that I didn’t pay attention to what my skin was telling me all this time much before Psoriasis and acne were taking over me.


Naturally next to sharing everything online and keeping-it-real on social media I have never wanted to post my bad skin days. However, this year where I have battled my psoriasis and adult acne-like a real adult, I felt that I should share this story with you all because it happens to the best of us and it’s high time we treat this as a part of life.

It took me exactly 10 months for my psoriasis and acne to completely heal. I still have acne come and go. I still have dark spots visiting me from time to time. But besides taking the right medication, treatments, and skincare, I have learned a few things about skincare that I would like to share with you:

Listen to your body and mind:
Every time your skin starts acting up, try to first listen to your body, pay attention to what could be causing the issue. Before trying new products, try to pay attention to what you ate in the last few days, have you been sleeping less, have you been stressed at work, have you been feeling really low?

See a Doctor
The cost of visiting a skin doctor is much less than one high-end product trust me. I paid just Rs 500 consultation fee to see a doctor and get medication. A lot of men and women do not feel the need of visiting a skin doctor even in the most severe cases. Ever since I started visiting a doctor, I have understood the relationship between my mind, body, and skin. 

Embrace your Skin Issues
Before panicking when a skin condition arises, accept it first before panicking and developing insecurities about it. Trust me it’s likely for almost every girl that at one stage or another, many will suffer from acne or “problem” skin. While this phase is temporary, its impact is detrimental when it comes to self-esteem and confidence. I get it.  It’s easy to preach positivity and acceptance, but I have been there too and I am just asking you to try to feel a sense of acceptance and switch your mindset to see spots as a natural and normal process that almost everybody must go through. I found that happy place midway this year and soon I was confident in my own skin while I was going through treatments etc.

The term ‘problem’ skin is used very generally as a description for skin conditions that aren’t looking their clearest and I do have a real problem with that. Referring to a part of ourselves as a ‘problem’ refers to a much deeper narrative about the fake beauty standards around us and on the internet. While acne and various skin conditions are painful, sore and take time to heal, there is nothing unbeautiful about skin in its natural state. Every skin is beautiful and it is natural for your skin to go through its different phases throughout its life cycle. Do not become obsessed with it and let it dictate your insecurities.

I hope you found your happy place about your skin insecurities after you have read this post. Stay tuned for another post from this series where I share my favorite skincare products that have helped me in this journey.

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