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With winter finally here (twenty eight degrees and sunny intervals, is that you?), I have already started signing up for newer beauty regime for both skin and hair appropriate for the change in weather. It’s been a while I have shared about beauty routines here on my blog. Isn’t it? I think sometimes when you are sharing way too much information and pictures on your Instagram, you tend to lose the main focus, which is posting something more elaborate and insightful over here.

I very rarely feel inclined to write a whole post dedicated to a haircare range, but with the Kaya Dandruff Control hair products, I felt somewhat pushed to share this power haircare range: The Kaya Dandruff Control.

I also feel a little embarrassed to admit that I have been going through a serious and an extreme dandruff situation in my hair and it’s been a while that nothing has seemed to work on my scalp. It was just impossible to discover a suitable shampoo to fix my dandruff issue. When a friend recommended me to visit Kaya, I went ahead for a consultation with a Hair Expert at the nearest Kaya Skin Clinic. My conversation with the doctor was pretty insightful; I figured that dandruff primarily occurs because of oily scalp and that one should refrain from oiling your scalp when you are having a dandruff problem and I was doing the complete opposite which actually worsened my dandruff.

The doctor prescribed me the Kaya Dandruff Control range that contains a shampoo (my hero product), a hair mask (conditioner), an overnight purifying lotion and a hair serum. For a while it’s been an absolute dream for leaving my hair and my scalp feeling clean (but not soft), lifted and well loved. Another perk of this product range is that it is very hydrating on your scalp. The product range definitely worked on my dandruff over a period of time when used twice or thrice a week. On alternate days, I use a prescribed medicinal Shampoo (Sebamed) that is a little too drying but treats dandruff well. To balance it out I use the Kaya shampoo and conditioner from the range every other day. Did you know that dandruff-care requires you to wash your hair every single day?

It took me 6-7 washes to notice the improvement when I started following this routine. The range also has an overnight hair lotion that needs to be applied on the scalp for a good 6 hours before you wash it off. This lotion reduced flaky scalp and the itchiness that comes with dandruff in your scalp.

In just 2 weeks of using this range, I have experienced a lot of improvement in my scalp, so I can promise it’s worth the talk. So, if you are on the market looking out for anti-dandruff hair products – look no further!

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