June Catch-up and Favorites

Welcome to a new yet cliched series “A Monthly Catchup and Favorites”, something that I see a lot on Youtube. Every month’s favorites might not be as hip and happening as others, but these posts will probably be the ones that might surprise you with some interesting choices, product and content recommendations, and experiences. What’s better than a good heart to heart writer to reader conversation about things and experiences that come in the way of life.


What a month!

My second month of having moved to Amsterdam was quite a smooth sailing. I thought it will be a little tough adjusting to the new air but it’s been very nice so far minus my Indian food cravings. This was also the time I took a long and lovely vacation to Greece with my partner that definitely was the highlight of the month.

Also, this has been the month where I have pivoted my focus to blogging again after a long writing sabbatical. Instagram and Youtube are the new distractions for every content creator for all the right business-reasons but I have truly missed writing. Focusing more on blog-writing has done wonders to cut down my social media time. It feels more private to blog than Instagram for a strange reason I can’t seem to explain.


Podcast: On the Line with Estee Lalonde

I do not have many girl-friends in my life and spending my mornings to listen to some podcasts like “On the Line with Estee Lalonde”, I feel like I am really being a part of some really meaningful and sleepover-time female conversations about shared experiences. I could listen to this podcast all day long and it adds so much positivity to my day.

Give it a listen on your way to work or before sleep for a chatty podcast.


Youtube: Beauty Within

If you are obsessed about skincare then I do recommend you to follow this channel.

The channel emphasizes on attention to detail about skin types, skin issues, and product ingredients. It actually explains to you the science of skincare. They do some amazing series like most hyped products, detailed videos on important skincare ingredients and do very few sponsored posts which make this channel very trustworthy.

TV Show: This Is Us

I am all for dramas that give me a good cry. This Is Us is a feel-good, feel-cry series and is all about celebrating the ordinary rhythms of family. It beautifully touches upon both the loving and frustrating moments with your parents and siblings.

The characters are beautiful, flawed and original and most of all very-very relatable.But while it is an emotional ride, it has many twists and surprises as the plot unfolds after every couple of episodes. Watch it if you like a family-drama full of surprises.


My top-most followed profiles this month are

TheTrotterGirl: For calm-feed vibes that help beat my anxiety.

Archana Kitchen: For some amazing doable Indian recipe ideas

Regajha: For occasional doses of feminist views and inspiration.

UrmiDaga: For everyday outfit inspiration. She has a Highlights on her Stories called “Outfits” which always helps if I am stuck with what-to-wear.


It’s already amazing how this apartment we are living in right now is developing some personal touches and really becoming a home. Anand will vouch for that for sure! I am taking baby steps in doing it. One of the challenges has been to be in agreement with my husband because we have almost opposite choices in our taste in color schemes and design but that makes the process only more fun and interesting.

Picked my first ever bedside lamp from Ikea. I have been dodging this purchase ever since I was on my own because for a reason the idea of buying a lamp always felt like an indulgence. I can tell that my reading time has increased exponentially since I have this pretty baby by my side.

A long mirror is every girl’s basic item in her bedroom. So, we did buy this on our maiden visit to IKEA.


I am loving a little pop of color, my yellow beret that I picked up on a whim from H&M. You might still find it in on sale in your nearby store.

Buy here.

Also, a pair of red-tinted sunglasses was a nervous purchase but I have been wearing almost daily the whole of June.

Similar here.

I fell for the strawbag-trap finally and bought this one for my summer trip and I have loved carrying it to the beach.

Similar here.

Picked an interesting piece of accessory, my Chumbak watch and I have not been wearing any other watch since then.

Buy here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first edition of monthly favorites. I truly hope they some of my favorites have got you interested in them.

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