July Catchup & Favorites

Hello! I felt like this post has been long overdue now that the first week of August is almost getting over. A little more than five weeks later, I am officially feeling that July is over. It always takes a few days for me to sync into a brand new month.


Best moments from the month of July

July felt like real summer in Amsterdam with days of sunshine in a row. The temperature of a little over 30 degrees got me feeling at home because I have truly missed feeling warm and having a fan by my bedside. Actually, July was quite a blur- nothing really exciting happened this month. I spent most of my time this month drowning myself into Linkedin, resumes and cover letters. It’s been quite exhausting applying for jobs here in the Netherlands and waking up to inboxes full of rejections every month. I have been working on it though. Meanwhile, creating content on my blog and writing helps me stay motivated and keeps my creative spirits high.

Got my library subscription

I got my first ever library subscription this month. Walking through the alleys in the huge and sprawling OBA Amsterdam library, I realized I am so fortunate to have access to all these books and that I need to read more than I do. Honestly, I am not a very voracious reader and I am not proud of that. However, I wanted to change things up a bit about my reading habits. Borrowing books from a library has instilled a certain discipline about reading in me. I have taken reading as a conscious activity every day so I can finish reading books on time because the library has rules.

A shot from Rotterdam

With small weekend trips to Rotterdam and Utrecht, Anand and I managed to tick off some places in the Netherlands this month. Looking back, we have spent most of our weekends heading out somewhere new either by train or by cycling. On the last weekend of July, we biked about 40 km to the Amsterdam Forests- Amsterdamse Bos a manmade forest. We enjoyed biking through the woods and also got to have a mini picnic overlooking the lake, lying under the sky and taking a small nap (doesn’t sound like a picnic but it was). We went to a charming goat farm where we spent time cuddling and feeding the goats and enjoyed the famous goat ice cream made from goat milk.

And yes, we officially hosted our friends over dinner at home. A part of me is never quite ready to feel grown-up but this was something that I looked forward to as an adult. It went very well. We did a fab job with the food-spread and serving food on our dinner table felt oddly nice. Now, our home is already abuzz with friends ringing the doorbell and bringing us ice cream. If this doesn’t feel like home, then what will?

Now on to the real interesting stuff…



The Goal Digger Podcast

I started listening to the Goal Diggers podcast last month. I think I was living under a rock all these years. In my 7 years of marketing experience, I have never heard someone teach and share such amazing tactics and experiences from the marketing industry. If you are a seasoned business owner, newbie, content creator or an entrepreneur this channel is for you. The host of the podcast,  Jenna Kutcher, a self-made multi-millionaire and entrepreneur brings you the productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks, and inspirational stories that help YOU design your dream career. Although this podcast focuses on women in businesses, I feel irrespective of what gender you are you should listen to her content.


Queer Eye:

Queer Eye Cover

I have taken to reality shows in a long time. Queer Eye is about five out and proud gay who are experts in their respective fields like food, style, and hair. These glamorous gay men on a mission to completely transform, makeover and sprinkle dust on the lives of hapless straight people. After watching a few episodes I came to realize that even straight people are going through the same problems as gays are: problems with acceptance, self-care, and self-esteem. The weekend I finished an entire season, I cried, laughed and awwed. The best part of this makeover show is it is more than just a makeover. Each participant in every show is going through some trauma or the other. The Queer team administer a lot of trust, love and calling out if need be so the participants can really confide in them and make some tough reveal about their lives. What follows is completely transformational personality, home and food makeovers which is the cherry on the top.

My Next Guest with David Letterman

My Next Guest with David Letterman

My Next Guest with David Letterman a talk -show hosted by David who revolutionized the late-night showbiz. It’s no ordinary talk show. He interviews extraordinary people and delves deep into their lives. The best part about this talk show is a part of the interview is outside the studio setting at the guest’s homes, office or any other private space. The conversations are extremely intimate and candid at the same time. My favorite episodes are the ones with Barrack Obama and Malala Yousafzai.


96 movie cover

I am unapologetically a sucker for intense romantic movies especially the ones that give me a good cry. 96 is an Indian movie in Tamil that depicts the 90s nostalgia in the most relatable fashion. The movie travels similar paths like Premam and The Autograph. The second half of 96 is about a single night when the protagonists meet at a college reunion several years after they broke up. The girl has a flight to catch the next morning and they have just this one night to live the present moment. This is when the movie escalates really fast and introduces you to their brilliant chemistry of unadulterated pure love. The plot unfolds many twists and surprises while revealing a lot of unknown truth about protagonists’ past about why they had to break up. It will make you helpless and also make you fall in love with the characters at the same time making you crave for a happy unison of these two characters. The story’s simplicity is what makes the movie an extraordinary. After the movie, I am sure you will pause and reflect on how a small change in your past could have completely altered your life.


Chicken quiche made at home

I am really obsessed with this new dish- Chicken quiche recently. I have made it a couple of times at home. Chicken quiche is made with refrigerated pie crust and loaded with spinach, mushrooms, and chicken and makes for a really delicious snack. You can find the recipe here.

I recently shared a sneak peek of our living room in a new series called ThatHome. You may find the link to the living room blogpost here. In that post, I am sharing my experiences of how I transformed an ignored space in our living room into a practical dresser area.

Tinted green vase from IKEA


I am sharing below some of my favorite outfits of the month that have made it to my Instagram feed as well.

I also uploaded a fashion story on my blog “Loving the Basics” which you can read here.

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