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#ThatLook&Beyond: Dos & Dont’s of Fashion Bloggers Reviewing Food

In today’s VLOG, I am sharing my experience of reviewing a restaurant and also talking about a few tips to food blogging for starters without sounding too pretentious.

A lot of debate is heating up the blogging space about why fashion bloggers are even attempting food blogging. It is being said that bloggers should stop trying to blog about an industry they have no idea about and just focus on the content they are best at. Well, I feel otherwise. A blog-writer should do what he/she pleases. There is no rulebook in blogging. You can write or document just about anything as long you are delivering original and raw content.

On my first few food-tasting gigs, I did feel that food reviewing is definitely not my thing because I am not a foodie. So, I decided I should stop pretending to be a food journalist and not embarrass myself. One thing I very clearly knew is that as a blog writer I adopt a certain persona on my blog that is true to myself and that reflects things I absolutely love and am passionate about. Yes, food is one such thing that is special to everyone and I am no exception. I love going out and trying new food places but it’s not particularly the food that gets me excited. Gone are the days when restaurants were largely meant for just serving great food. Today, we have a bunch of cafes and restaurants that offer experiences along with great food. I for one am that girl who likes cafe hopping just for the pleasure of checking out new spaces, ambience, vibe and particularly the dessert on their menu.  

I have been guilty of taking dozens of pictures when I spot quirky ambience, patterned walls and ceilings and some really interesting furniture inside an eating joint. It was just the other day when my friend from Hyderabad WhatsApped me asking for recommendations of a cafe that provided free wifi and that had a terrace view. She didn’t care about what food they serve or the cost per meal. All she wanted was a good looking terrace view cafe that would allow her to sit and work on her college assignment.

There are all kinds of food enthusiasts. There are ones who just love food, there are ones who like trying just one kind of dish in every restaurant. There are people who prefer great music and vibe over food and there are people who like the interiors and some who just like coffee. So, I am just like one of these people and want to be as honest as possible while reviewing a place. I am not obliged to blog anything in the traditional way.

I was invited to a newly launched brewery called Vapours in Hyderabad to try their new menu and beer and I very candidly confessed in the VLOG that I hate beer. 🙂 And I guess it is that honesty that my readers resonate the most with. I wanted to make a video of what my experience was at the brewery irrespective of whether I am a food critic or not. I know food bloggers and critics have a reputation to uphold, but hello! I am just a regular girl documenting my life and experiences that come with it.

I documented one of my first ever food-tasting gigs where I blatantly admitted that I hate beer. I hope you enjoy the video!

So a couple of weeks back, I and some of my friends @puja.nayak And @taz600d_ got invited for a food tasting dining session at the very popular @vapourhyderabad brewery. It was a first of its kind experience and we had such an amazing time. I made sure I got two of my very close friends to join with me and we had an amazing night. I love going out to places with a kickass terrace view and great music and Vapours ticked all the boxes that i absolutely like in dine out places. Chef Roy was such a sweetheart and he hosted the session so well making us feel at home. Trying the beer samplers was quite amusing because I am not into beer at all. In the cocktails that were served I did love the Pineapple Martini. Some of the must have food items at Vapours: 1. Tempura Prawn 2. Palak Pata chaat 3. Ragda Pigmikulcha 4. Grilled chicken steak 5.Mutton galawati And the mud cake was the best Mudcake I have tried in a long time. Have you checked out Vapours yet? #thatlookfordining #thatlookXVapoursbrewery #thatlookvlogs . . . . . . . . . . . . #foodporn #foodgasm #foodblogger #hyderabadbloggers #hyderabadfashionblogger #foodtasting #hyderabadfood #hyderabadvlogger #vapourshyderabad #foodie #hyderababdfoodie

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