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  One thing I’m sure of in life, is that if this blogging malarky doesn’t work out, trying product photography would be next on my list. Okay, maybe photography that specialises in flatlays (A flat lay is a picture of items or things taken from the top so as to give an impression of them laying flat on the ground ). I have secretly developed an interest in clicking flatlays in my free time although my photo-taking skills aren’t upto scratch. During my three-or-so years of using Instagram, I jumped on the flatlay bandwagon pretty late. Trust me, nothing gives me more excitement than to create art with flatlays. The process of creating collages by arranging a number of products on the floor and trying to take top shots of these products is something that gives me a different kind of high. Most afternoons during the weekends I will be seen in my balcony, standing on my chair with my camera in hand and taking top shots of an organised mess of products.
Let me take you through an experience of trying to click  a FLATLAY that turned out to be a major FAIL. Read on to find out how and why!


I wanted to take a photo of my macbook with a cup of coffee for the famous #appleandcoffee hashtag on instagram. But my damn phone charger and cable got in the way. I just decided to get rid of the cable and keep the adapter in the flatlay frame. My credit card happened to be in the middle of the table as I had just paid my bills online and left it right there.  I thought I might just keep it because it adds some character to the chaos on a working table. I thought I was almost done with my frame  but you will always find a nail paint on my table at any given point of time. I was just deciding whether to keep it or not when I realised these sunglasses that were inside my handbag were a perfect match to the nail color. It was as if I was picking patterns in all the little things that were around me and was trying to pair them for a pretty frame. My lens case and random pair of earrings I wore that day were just lying on the table too, so I just felt like keeping them too. I wanted to open my laptop so you can actually see what’s on my calendar or the desktop screen. But when I opened my laptop, the desktop screen looked in such a mess that I decided to close the laptop instead.  I had already taken a little over 15 minutes in perfecting my flatlay that my coffee was getting cold. It was not just getting cold but also getting over with really small sips as I was saving the coffee for my final picture. Sadly, the coffee didnt’t make it to the final flatlay photo because I finished it. I then refilled my actually empty cup of coffee with cold milk and Bournvita anyway and later ditched the idea of being dishonest with the hashtag #appleandcoffee.  

And yea, this is how I finally published the picture on my instagram. The struggle is real. However, when I publish on Instagram, I try to make it seem as if I didn’t have to put in any effort at all.


That was one of the many funny experiences I had while figuring out my flatlay skills. Do you like clicking flatlays or browsing through such images on Pinterest and Instagram? I will be happy to know if you have had similar experiences trying to perfect your pictures.

I mostly use flatlays to promote brands I work with to feature their product range on my social media. Instead of doing elaborate shoots of wearing these products, a flatlay works perfect in featuring some of these products together on a single frame. For example I reviewed some of Nykaa’s products last year here and a flatlay worked great to showcase all their products together on my blog. A bird’s eye view shot of products looks extremely attractive than just normal product pictures which is why flatlay photography has been taking social media by storm.

And if you heard the term FLATLAY for the first time ever today, you might want to say a hello in the comments below and thank me for that.

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I am sharing below some of my most popular flatlays on Instagram.  



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Flat-s-laying-My New Found Love For Flatlays - ThatLook : My story of how I started shooting flatlays. I am sharing a funny and interesting story on my first FAIL flatlay!

Flat-s-laying-My New Found Love For Flatlays – ThatLook

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