9 Real Reasons We Love Diwali So Much!

One week to go for Diwali and I cannot contain my excitement. Everytime around this time of the year, I get these butterflies in my stomach as if I am set on a big holiday or there is a wedding happening in the family. Amongst so many festivals we have throughout the year, why is it that we love Diwali the most?
If you google, internet will give you hundreds of religious stories about the festival saying  it marks the return of the Pandavas, the victory of Lord Rama and that Diwali is about celebrating light over darkness, good over evil etc etc. But I am rather unapologetic to say that none of this history has anything got to do with why I love Diwali so much. I am sure many of you will agree.
Let me give you some super-realistic reasons why we love Diwali so much and no! it’s not just about the lights and the crackers and Bhagwan Ramji! So, stay with me and read on if you are curious!
    1. Home-Coming Tradition Diwali is not just a festival but a strong homecoming tradition too. Whether or not we are religious, we would have definitely booked our Diwali homecoming tickets much in advance. And if you aren’t travelling home this Diwali, then I am assuming you either really have a strong reason to not visiting your family or may be you are really far away from your home.
  • All about Family Reunions  This is a festival about celebrating togetherness – an occasion to spend quality time with family,  to make mandatory phone calls to distant friends and relatives and to prioritize relationships over work in our lives.
  • Splurging is Okay! I have never seen my parents approve of splurging to our hearts content on any other day than during this time of the year. From new clothes, to jewellery to new home decor to getting a new phone or a TV you are allowed to spend that little extra and it’s really okay. In fact, buying new things on this day is considered to be auspicious.
  • Hello! Winters Diwali is the festival to officially invite winters into our lives. That nip in the air with twinkling, warm lights everywhere hits a dejavu feeling every Diwali each year. Isn’t it?abs_4824-1 abs_4783
  • License to Gamble You are allowed to stay up late in the night and play cards with your cousins. Catching up with cousins on Diwali is socially awkward in the beginning but only until you start playing cards with them.
  • Ghar Ki Safai I have childhood memories where white-washing our homes was a mandatory thing to do a few days before Diwali. Even the laziest kid in the family takes charge in keeping the house sparkling clean on this day. No excuses for not helping your Mom in cleaning the house. It is quite cute to see the whole family in doing up our homes from cleaning to decorating to doing rangolis or even helping our mothers in the kitchen.abs_4822
  • Maa Ka Khaana You are allowed to finish all the kaju katlis and gujiyas that your family and friends got for you. So enjoy eating without any guilt because it’s DIWALI! Adding to the delectable desserts are the delicious dishes that our Moms prepare for us. What is Diwali without watching our Moms busy preparing sweets in the kitchen? It’s a sight that is common in most of our homes. Nobody messes with Mom in the kitchen on Diwali!
  • Dress Up! Dress Up! We love dressing up to our hearts content and bringing out the inner Desi vibes in our clothes. It’s cute how even the men in the family make sure their Diwali outfits are on point.abs_4734
  • Diwali is Loved By All Diwali is one such festival which is celebrated all across the world just like Christmas irrespective of religion, community or place. People from all around the world know this festival more as a Festival of Lights and less as a Hindu Festival.
It will be awesome if we celebrate and value all festivals through the year because celebrations bring us more closer to our people and break all barriers. Don’t you think so? Let’s make our festivals a reason to celebrate life and family more than just our religion. abs_4859 abs_4860 My Shagun Waala Outfit Diwali is one occasion where my parents take the pleasure of buying clothes and jewellery for me. It’s like this family ritual where you receive new clothes from your parents as Shagun. Undoubtedly this look is by far my most favorite outfit of the year not just because of sentimental value but also because it is my first ethnic look on the blog. On Diwali,  I get to dress up to my hearts content and I am allowed to even go overboard with my makeup and jewellery.  As a  young teen I would often steal my mother’s accessories like her bangles and bindi to look my best and look like my mother as much as possible. I hope you liked me Diwali story on the blog. Needless to say, “Have a Happy and Safe Diwali!”   abs_4821 abs_4858   abs_4790   abs_4678 P.S: This is also one of the most difficult photo stories on my blog till date. I and my friends took a lot of effort and planning to make this story happen and it felt like a Chotti Diwali organising this whole shoot. Photography: Abhishek Sarkar I have created a special 30 Beautiful Anarkalis for Diwali Collection on MySmartPrice (click on the image below) taking inspiration from the Anarkali that I am wearing in today’s Diwali story. The  first product in the collection is in fact the same Anarkali I am wearing in the blog. You too can pick yourself something beautiful this Diwali and thank me later. Also, let me know if you liked the collection. diwali Happy Diwali!!          

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