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Welcome June! Half of the year is already over and I am still thinking am I meeting my goals? Am I set on the right path? Time flies so fast. It seems as if it was just yesterday I wrote a story about the year of 2015 and all the awesome things that happened to me that year. Oh! you may find the story here if you are curious.

How can I become more productive is a difficult question? Isn’t it? We all have goals but and want to get more work done each day and feel a sense of accomplishment. Isn’t it? I think productivity works well if you mix your focused efforts with some smart planning. No matter how creative or an amazing multitasker you are, if you suck at planning then you never meet your goals.

Let me admit, I am quite an old fashioned girl when it is comes to planning my day. I have always believed in putting all my thoughts, goals and to-dos on a paper. I know you are wondering why in this day and age, I am keeping it old school and documenting my daily activities in a notebook when there’s probably an app for that.

Over time, I realized that the key is to get everything out of your head onto a paper. Writing your ideas or tasks to a paper provides an opportunity to articulate them clearly and makes it seem more achievable. I used a lot of notebooks and journals for writing my to-dos and my ideas. But, since an year I have been looking for a perfect weekly planner for myself. I checked a lot of stationery stores but couldn’t find anywhere. After almost an year of hunting Landmarks and Crosswords, I came across Nirmala Franklin’s everyday planner. I have to say that I am pretty much in love with it.
Usually I keep things real in my blog and I wouldn’t recommend this planner if I didn’t think it was awesome.
What I learnt about maintaining a physical planner is that every new blank page represents a fresh new start. It reminds me that I can fill a new day with all tasks and fulfill my everyday goals.

My planner definitely doesn’t match upto what my phone can do. But I embraced the fact that this is my true personal space and I can customize it in any which way possible that works for my lifestyle. Paper planners are old fashioned yes! But they are an effective way to stay on top of everything.  These planners provide a neat visual layout and space for jotting down notes, to-do lists and ideas.

Let’s assume my tasks for a certain day include:
1. Email a proposal letter to a potential client
2. Renew my gym membership
3. Work on my giveaway campaign.
4. Send flowers for my parents’ anniversary.
5. Get items for kitchen since I am hosting a house party tonight.
5. Record a new song today.

Based on how important these tasks are, I prioritize them accordingly marking them as A1, A2, A3…. I write down my to-dos and lists in little detail just so that I commit to them and act upon it no matter what.

I have been using my planner for about two months now and I am already a planner addict. I am happy that I have begun to start taking my tasks and daily goals slightly more seriously.

There are also some other important things that I track on my planner like:
1. Health/Wellness
Track my weight, daily water intake headache symptoms and of course my periods too,

2. Finance Tracker
Track due dates for bills and building my savings making sure my money is going only where it is supposed to.

3. Fun & Entertainment
Movie to watch, TV shows episodes tracker,  books to read.

  A sneak peek into my Everyday Planner: Now, since I am used to putting important tasks on my planner, I feel more motivated to tick them off as done. I try to plan my day in as much details as possible and this only brings me more contentment. I can go out, party with friends without feeling guilty for having an unproductive day.
While you are trying to balance out your day with prioritizing your tasks right, a lot of women have a problem of spending to much time on deciding what to wear. Productivity has a lot to do with how much time you spend on almost everything you do in a day. Looking good and dressing right is important but not at the cost of losing out a lot of time on that. One of the most important attributes of effortless styling is to decide quick and dress easy.

Last Sunday, I was working and chilling both and was out all day long. For a long day outside home which included doing meetings, hanging out with friends in between and going for shopping later in the evening, I had to choose a comfortable outfit that’s not boring yet breathable and comfortable.
I chose this cotton maxi dress and styled it with a cropped denim jacket for the first half of the day. While I was strolling in a local handicraft market in the evening, I chose to chuck the denim jacket.
  DSC_7116     DSC_7096
  DSC_7157 DSC_7237 SONY DSC DSC_7186 DSC_7168 DSC_7267 DSC_7246 In this look, I am also sort of breaking a myth that maxi dresses aren’t for short women. I am 5’1 in height and care less about such rules in fashion.  
Photography by Abhishek Sarkar. Location Courtesy: Mustang Terrace Lounge, Hyderabad

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