Casual Formals- My first

IMG_0449   I work for a startup and there is absolutely no strict dress code at work. More often we dress in our most comfortable self. I will be mostly seen in wearing a T-shirt and jeans or some indo-western fusion outfits. These are most wearable and not too superfluous for office. What I really miss wearing is formals and so, whenever I get an opportunity of attending a conference or any formal event, I am the one who is most excited to play dress up! I have been meaning to work on a casual formal outfit look for my blog for a long time. When I wore this recently to a bloggers’ confluence, I thought I might as well publish the look on my blog. Also, my mother loves formal wear on women. She would love to see me working for a big corporate company where I can wear a pant-suit almost everyday to work. She calls it “Powerful-Dressing” which means power-dressing. Ha..ha!   IMG_0457 anand1 My love for midi length skirts started a long time ago. One of my first stories on my blog was about an ethnic midi skirt too. Check it here if you are curious. However, this time I picked a midi pencil skirt. I call this a Bihu skirt because the stripes and the length of the skirt are very much like the Bihu folk dance uniform. No wonder, I picked this because my heart is always looking for Indian folk prints even when I am looking for formal prints. As you can see, I paired this with a ruffled pastel crop top. Pastel tops really work well for formal wear looks. Almost any dark color bottom or skirt can be paired with pastel tops or shirts. I do not hesitate to invest in pastel shade tops because they can be paired with both formal and casual looks. That tells me, I should probably create another casual look with this same pastel top so that you know what I mean. IMG_0465 IMG_0491 IMG_0450 anand3     Outfit Details: Top: Zara India Skirt: Zara India Heels: Centro Bag: Singapore Sunglasses: Fastrack Let me know, how you like my quick post on this casual formal look.       badge

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