Live Rythm Jam Sessions with BuzzKya

Live Gigs. DJ nights. Concerts. That’s not all of it when you are talking about the music scene in a city. As much as I enjoy performance events at my favorite places in Hyderabad, I am a big fan of music events that allow people to participate. I had the chance to take part in a unique music event that happened at a swanky new bar and restro- the SunDowner. This was about collaborating and  co-creating music with fellow musicians. Let’s not call it an Open-Mic but an Open-Jam event- a first of it’s kind gig performing live to an audience.

Out of the many live gigs that happen around the city during weekends, the Live Rythm Jam session was an event that stood out. This event was about a rare concept of having a Live Jam Session perform to a live audience. The gig accommodated artists, amateur musicians and newbies who have just ventured into playing an instrument or singing to come and jam live on stage. While there are many venues that host live gigs and stand up events,  BuzzKya, an entertainment company  hosted an event that was all about jamming in the true sense of its meaning.
As a musician , I enjoy jamming sessions more than just watching artists perform because it provides an opportunity for musicians to get together, collaborate and discover new genres in music. Co-creating music is something that is largely lacking in the music scene today. The team at BuzzKya is trying innovative art events like these in the city creating Open-House events. The Live Rythm Jam Session was one of their first music events of its kind that was organised at the newly launched Sundowner Restro & Bar in Hyderabad. If you don’t want to miss an event next time, do follow BuzzKya or Sakshi Chaturvedi a passionate event entrepreneur, founder of BuzzKya. Photography Credits: Salih Abubaker ( TAZ600D )

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