How to Find The Perfect “Boyfriend” Jeans

When it comes to being comfortable, no other jean has your back like the boyfriend jeans. The baggy, loose and slouchy pant is meant to give off the vibe that you have borrowed your boyfriend’s jeans.The boyfriend jeans has its haters and lovers but I can assure, once you learn how to wear it, you will be a convert for life.

I am so in love with my favorite ripped pair of boyfriend jeans from Only that it’s pretty safe to say I am totally attached to this pair. I have worn this a million times in 2016 and there is no stopping in 2017 too. The only thing that has changed is I got two new pairs this year one from Forever 21 and the other from Only.

I love wearing my boyfriend denims but it has not been a very easy experience of picking the right one for me. It’s hard for a petite girl like me I’m 5’1) to find the right fit and style.

I am sharing with you a few tips when buying a pair of boyfriend jeans:

  1. Make sure that it sits around your waist and doesn’t make your butt look weird.
  2. Go for a sleek, dark wash and a cut that’s close to your bodytype.
  3. If you are a small and petite girl like, go for a slightly slimmer version of these pants. If you try wearing a really baggy and oversized pair without a tapered ankle, it may make you drown your frame.
  4. I always recommend pairing looser fitting pieces with more fitting ones.

    It may seem impossible when you haven’t found the pair that works for you, but there are plenty of fit options to try until you find the one.

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