When I first met Benazir Masood, I just knew her as another colleague at my workplace. But little did I know that she has been working hard in starting up her new label BENAZIR. The coincidence that both of us started up almost at the same time was unbelievable. And how could there not be a possible collaboration? In early February, Benazir showed me this beautiful skirt she had sketched. A fluffy and royal tulle skirt that I had seen earlier only in the books of Cinderella. I told her, “This is what I could secretly wish I could wear someday. But who wears this kind of stuff? Ermmm…Looks good in books and paintings.” A couple of weeks later Benazir brings to me a huge bag. The bag contains this gorgeous thing she had just created. I saw my Cinderella skirt come to life for the first time. I was speechless for sometime. That’s when we started working towards our first collaboration on my blog.
“All young girls are princesses inside, although many don’t know and many never will.”
With this beautiful thought, the label BENAZIR believes in designing exquisite, vintage pieces that women can not just wear but also save for posterity. BENAZIR caters to women who have a heart for timeless and vintage designs. The fledgling new design label in the City of Pearls has an impeccable wedding collection along with it’s vintage western designs. My experience in wearing BENAZIR’s first creation is something I can describe only through pictures with the help of my friend Mahadev who shot these beautiful captures.
IMG_5109 (1)

Benazir and I slightly nervous before our photoshoot. #Behindthescenes

IMG_5124 (1)

A special picture with Benazir. This also marks our beginning to a new journey that we both have set upon. Congratulations Benazir!

  Venue Courtesy: Westin, Hyderabad | Concept & Styling: Benazir Masood, BENAZIRPhotography: Mahadev Krishna            

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