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Before Starting A Blog, Ask Why

Chances are by now you are really tired of the rhetoric surrounding Blogging and Content Creation, which I can totally understand. I interact with so many people who want to become content creators and what holds them back often is the uncertainty of whether they want to do this at all and if yes, then why? After 4 years into blogging, I feel I am a little worthy of sharing my advice on the Why’s and How’s to start a Blog because we all need a little push sometimes. Don’t we? I hope this post will help you start creating content already.

Identifying the Purpose to Your Blog:

This little clickbaity heading is quite a cliche in itself I know but please stick with me here. Before you start getting to blog or youtube, please do this simple exercise of writing things down answering the question of “why you want to start a blog”. While there are so many blogs, accounts, and channels flooding the internet already, how is your content going to stand out from the crowd, how is your content going to be a differentiator in the community? These look like a bundle of heavy questions. So let’s make it simpler for you:

  • Do you want to blog because you want to become famous?
    Honestly, it is pretty sane to want to become famous because social-media-fame is a great opportunity to make good revenue provided your content and brand is relevant and is of high-quality. The only flaw with the idea is that sometimes you might want to seek constant validation from around you that you are awesome and you might lose your purpose trying to please everyone. But to become a great Social-Media influencer, have to do a lot of work and for that, you really need a plan.
  • Do you want to bring in value to a certain community?
    Do you identify with a specific problem statement that exists around you? Do you think you can help build awareness and tackle the issue by creating content around it? For example, they are quite a lot of fitness bloggers and but very few who are blogging about mental health. As niche as it sounds, the issue of mental health is really been a topic of interest for a few years now and there aren’t unfortunately as much original content pieces about it. There are so many topics and issues that haven’t been tapped into and that your blog can be about. All you need is a topic/niche that you feel passionate about so much that you think you can publish content about it on a regular basis.
  • Do you want to establish yourself as an expert in an industry?
    This is a great reason for people who work in a certain area of expertise. For example, you are a graphic designer, a chef, a doodler or a music producer. I am just dropping in ideas here so you know that you could be anyone who takes a keen interest in a particular area. You might want to start a blog or an account to publish some of your best original work in that field and also share your insights, experiences, and opinions about industry topics relevant to that field. So, your blog acts as a portfolio for your art or profession you are in. The very well know luxury photographer Naina Redhu is a blogger who blogs about her photography gigs, the nuances of photography and blogging as a career in India. The fact that she is a photographer didn’t stop her from starting a blog. In fact, her blog is one of the finest Indian street fashion editorials we have on the internet.

You-Do-You Attitude
While I have thrown a bunch of new ideas for starting a blog, you might want to ask whether it’s too late to start another fashion, food, travel or a technology blog. The answer is a simple No! It’s never too late to start a blog of a common area of interest. But what you must start focusing on is having a unique personality and being true to yourself. Unique voices are popular and are much needed especially in the content space because this will be your differentiator. While in the blogging community, the status quos continues in terms of voices and brand-aesthetics, I am also happy to see lots of different voices joining the conversation like TheGirlAtTheFirstAvenue or NehaDoodles. Their style and content creation techniques are not out of the blue but their personalities are. One of these bloggers is a fashion blogger from the south and is known for her very simple and wearable fashion content that a lot of girls identify with while the other is a doodler from Delhi who often shares sketchy art on her middle-class Indian life of growing up in Delhi. She gets to attend swanky Blogger events and one can see such relatable humor in her content while she aces her event-check-ins with her stories in Hindi. The popularity of these creators really makes sense because of their unique personalities and their interesting takes on creating content, which is a great social media tactic to take note of. It encourages the You-Do-You attitude and not prescribe for any blog-stereotype or what others are doing.

Focus on a Niche in the Beginning and be Passionate About it

When you are getting started, it’s a smart thing to focus on a niche and test the waters first before diving into more than a couple of topics for your blog. Start creating content on that niche-topic that you are passionate enough to write consistently about. Unless and until you identify with that niche and feel strongly about it, it doesn’t matter whether there will be readers who would be interested in your content. If you are really kicked in about the niche-topic, you will find ways and a pool of ideas every time to build content around it; and in no time, you would have amassed a relevant audience for this niche. There is and will always be a pool of audience for every topic no matter how niche the topic is. The best thing about a lesser-known niche topic is the smaller the niche the tighter the community. For example, a fashion blog might take time to float around interested readers but a niche topic like #BabyFoodRecipes (just throwing an idea) might do well for you because there isn’t enough content about it on the internet as there is for fashion. You do not need soul-searching but some good research to do some homework on the blog you want to launch about. You can try the free Google Trends tool that lets you quickly see whether or not people are searching on Google for your niche. It’s not the deepest analysis, but definitely, a great place to start only if your area of interest is extremely niche.

Just remember one engaged reader is so much more valuable than 1-million not so real interactions. Consider how you can be an authentic content creator and hold your audience’s attention on and beyond social media. And of course, making sure that your content-creation comes from an innate passion that makes you truly happy and your niche is something that you are pumped about almost all the time. There is a huge competition amongst thousands of channels, blogs, accounts fleeting on the internet, so before venturing into your own corner on the internet, ask yourself why. I hope I have brought a little sense into your minds if you are struggling on getting started on your Blog/Video/Podcast.

‘Happy Blogging!

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