A very little part of our trip to Greece was about the sea and the beach as there was so much more to explore on the islands. Without a doubt, one of my favorite time in Greece was the time we had at the seaside of Naxos, our first island stop in the country. There is something about the Greek coastline, the turquoise blue water, the gentle and calm waves and the soft yet warm sunshine kissing the sea that instantly brought my sea-side holiday dreams into life.

Indian girl in Greece
Indian Girl in Greece

When we planned the itinerary of the trip, we made sure we kept aside two full days just for beach hopping to the most stunning beaches in Naxos. Flying down from Athens to the island felt like an instant change of scenery and just the kind of seaside tonic we needed to kickstart our summer trip in Greece.

We were lucky to find a beautiful hotel very close to the sea so we could walk down to the beach as and when we felt like. The streets close to the beach were bustling with tiny Greek cafes, beach bars, and aesthetically pleasing boutiques that bring in so much life to a seaside town.

I usually spend my vacation mornings tucked in bed till really late in the morning but on the days we go to the beach, there is something that tugs me out of bed sooner than usual. I packed an awful lot of things in the name of beach essentials as we had hired a car for the few days we were on the island. There was room for an extra pair of clothes, a lot of snacks, camera equipments and what not.

Beautiful beach shots in Greece

Greek beach holiday
Aghios Prokopios Beach
Greek vacation during summer
Indian travel vlogger at Greece

Aghios Prokopios Beach

Our first stop was the Aghios Prokopios beach. It was the last week of May and the Greek holiday season was just beginning. Walking into the beach, all I could see was a vast expanse of turquoise blue water that seeped into the horizon. A long row of bright yellow chairs with straw umbrellas ran along the beach- something I had only seen on travel websites and Instagram. We picked our beach chairs and settled into reading and people-watching, my favorite things to do overlooking the sea. There wasn’t much of a crowd nor were there hawkers, which made the beach experience seem so much calmer and closer to nature. As we waited for the sun to come out, we treated ourselves to a foot massage from a local masseuse who approached us.  We spent most of the time lounging and relaxing on the chair and occasionally going to the water to dip our toes.

Girl reading a book at a beach
Caught in a moment at the beach
Greek islands
A cafe at Greece

Petrino Beach Cafe:

After a couple of hours, we decided to go for brunch and while away time at a beach cafe until the sun came out. If you are a fan of beautiful, quintessentially Greek beach cafes that serve fresh and locally sourced food then I strongly recommend the Petrino Beach restaurant that is just a little away from the Abram beach. Whether you are with friends or your partner, this spot overlooking the sea is the perfect balance of good food and a relaxed atmosphere. 

After a very nice meal, we got back into our car and headed to our next destination, Alyko, an offbeat beach that our host at the hotel had recommended to us. On the way to Alyko, we had to finally roll up our windows as it was getting really bright and sunny. I was never this happy to see the sun come out on a trip.

Greek islands
Greek islands

Alyko Beach:

There was a certain charm in getting to Alyko beach. We had to get through a hidden walkway and then take a steep climb down the sandy beach to finally arrive at the beach. There was a yacht just a few meters away from the shore and we could see a family unwinding and having a great time. We quickly created a little spot for ourselves, spread our beach towels, and F I N A L L Y jumped into the water. The water was warm, the sun was shining to its brightest and the yacht view in front of us made the swim a thousand times more exciting. We also made friends with a sweet French couple who were snorkeling in the bay. They let us use their gear so we could try snorkeling too. I could do it only for a fraction of a minute where I got a glimpse of an entirely different world under the sea, the sight of which went by in a blink.

Greek islands
Greek islands

After about an hour, I got back to the shore and treated myself to a little power nap right under the sun, a first for me, while Anand chose to swim. It was turning into such a perfect and calm afternoon with the most stunning sea-view that actually seemed more like an oasis with a slightly smaller stretch of water than the other beaches we went to. I just didn’t want the day to end and for about an hour I lay on the shore getting completely tanned and watched the sun going down and see the sky change its color. I was most certainly living the life of the characters in Enid Blyton’s books that I had grown up reading – the ones where the kids escape to an island for a summer adventure.

With the car loaded with wet towels, a soundtrack for the road and a lot of sand we brought back with us, we started driving back to our hotel and watched the sky turn into a myriad of colors. Our hearts were full with lovely memories from our day at the Greek seaside.

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