My previous blogpost has already shed a lot of light on what’s been up on my personal and professional front. So, I am going to cut the chase and get right away to my favorite products, experiences and reads from the month.


I loved this episode of Ladies we need to talk, all about making friends as an adult. Also, posted about my thoughts on building friendships as an adult here.


After a long hiatus, I finally started indulging in fiction reading which feels like such a treat at this phase of my life. I can be a little slack when it comes to getting those pages turning and converting my books into display items and not reading them.


I will admit that I bought this book because I saw it almost everywhere and the cover of the book really got drawn to me. But, a couple of chapters in the book and I was completely invested in the plot. Set in Brixton, the book focusses on female friendship, belonging, community and finding your feet in a big city- with the relationship of an 86 year woman and a 26-year-old journalist.

The book made me laugh and cry and taught me a few things about relationships and community. It is a great read if you like light fiction.


I absolutely love a non-fiction book that conveys a strong message through real stories. This is exactly why I picked this book. It features 50 visionaries who have mastered the art of storytelling.

The author gives instances of powerful personalities from different fields like business, entertainment, politics. The chapters include snippets of how these individuals used their ability to tell compelling stories and achieved their dreams.

I have done an elaborate review of this book here.




The GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) is an American web comedy that is based in the 80s. After the first few episodes, I was not really feeling it because it was not upto my alley. But, I was really curious why so many women were raving about it. So I reluctantly put myself through the first season only to realise that this is one power-packed show.

Every episode is written so beautifully. The women in the show have captured my heart and I love each and every character. I have always loved shows that deal with female friendships. Every conversation is so believable. The most important message in this show is helping one another along your life paths is the only secret of women empowerment. Please watch it!


I started watching Friends only after I moved to Amsterdam (Don’t OMG! me). I am amazed at the fact that the content of the show is so relevant even today.

I love Ross and Monica and I am absolutely recreating all of Rachel’s outfits every single day.


Processed with VSCO with c4 preset


We backpacked to Paris for a weekend in August. Paris was every bit worth the hype but I think I will need to do another trip to see it all.

It was a really short trip especially because we included Disneyland in the itinerary. I am going to publish a travel blogpost on Paris very soon. So, do come back for that.


We celebrated our first Onam together as a couple and it was not anything elaborate. I wore this Kasavu dress as my attire for the occasion. This dress was a very special wedding gift that I had saved it for Onam.

Links to the dress and similar ones:
1. Kasavu Dress:


I am absolutely loving to create Fall outfits in varies hues of orange and browns. This printed brown blouse is such a refreshing change in my wardrobe and I love it so much.


I have already repurposed this orange pair of trousers from summer to fall now. I think orange is a great shade if you want to start experimenting with colors in your bottom wear.

Bottom: Mango


I am obsessed with this Swarowski delicate charm necklace that was again a wedding gift from my brother and his wife. I could wear this every day but the reality is I save it only for special occasions.

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