Arriving in Naxos

Earlier this month I made a trip to Greece with my husband. With endless pictures of how I imagined Greece to beit is still sinking in slowly that I was in the country a few weeks ago and documenting my travel story is the only way I can picture it better. So, brace yourself for a mini-series of travel posts from our beautiful Greek vacation.

Our first island stop in Greece was Naxos, one of the most underrated Greek islands. We spent just 2 days on the island but we only wish we had stayed here for a little longer. Looking back, it feels like ages ago when we were wandering around in a beautiful destination in thirty-degree sunshine.  The picture that you see on the left might be the exact moment when I realized that we just touched down on a Greek island. The feeling was so surreal and I didn’t want it to wear off. As soon as we got to the Naxos airport, we rented out a car and started driving to our hotel. The ride to the hotel was all about discovering breathtaking views of the island with a background score of little screams of joy from the new Mrs on her honeymoon (Anand hates that word though).

 The first sight of a beautiful golden beach got us really excited and we had to just get off the car instead of seeing it fly by through a car window. In no time we were already at the St. George beach that was every bit rocky to my surprise. I was wearing the most inappropriate footwear that didn’t stop the fashion-blogger in me from tripping, falling and gulping down fresh Greek air by the sea and jumping with joy while soaking the sunshine all at the same time. This was the moment that I can tell was the perfect beginning to our Greek holiday!

We started the day with a random beach that was not even on our day one agenda. Of course, we were enjoying every bit of the spontaneity. It is the candid diary moments of pure unadulterated exploration that are why we stopped by this beach in the first place. I was not even wearing appropriate clothes especially footwear for the beach and I was really happy being somewhere for the love of a location, and not a place we planned to be in.

 As we started walking away from the beach, we got to the main harbor point which was bustling with life – cabs, people, boats all arriving in sync. With boats bobbing in and pulling in on the harbor- we started wandering in the midst of everything. On one end of the harbor was the bustling city of Naxos and on the other was the Portara, the island’s iconic landmark which is a massive marble doorway on top of a hill overlooking the sea. It is quite a steep climb to the top of the hill but it is every bit worth it to get there and especially not miss the sunset view from the top. It was too early for sunset so we decided to head to our hotel and get some lunch.

Anyway, this is just a tiny little piece of what we explored on our first day at Naxos. There is so much more to the island that I will share later this month with enough recommendations of what you should be doing at Naxos. But, for now, I thought I’d share a few snaps Anand and I shot during our first morning exploring the island in my not-so-airport-look. It just felt nice to dive right into exploring a new place right after we have landed where we didn’t care enough about anything else.

Outfit details: Top: Max Fashion,Pants: Fab India, Sandals: Mochi

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