Arriving in Global Desi

    Long time no speak, huh? I feel like I left the blog last summer and came back to writing at the start of winter. After moving back to Hyderabad from Mumbai, the last one month has been a whirr of new challenges, responsibilities and chasing my tail for a full eight hours of sleep.
But, I’m back! And delighted to be getting back into the swing of things and indulging in the city that always felt like home – Hyderabad.
While we are still at the beginning of winter, I am still repurposing my summer clothes and wearing them for as long as possible until it starts getting cooler. A large proportion of my wardrobe comprises of easy midi-dresses and I am always hunting for more. Since the midi-length trend is not as popular now, it is gradually getting tougher to find cute midi skirts or dresses in the market. Enter Global Desi and their dreamy collection – adorned with classic Bohemian dresses like this red ensemble that stole my heart.
With the brand holding a special place in my heart, Global Desi is one brand I always look forward to. Their free-spirited vibrant and delightful boho-chic pieces always have a place in my wardrobe.         Photography: Chandrasekhar Singh    

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