A Sit Down & Catch Up…

I have been lately thinking to bring back the element of my blog that was about life, inspiration and all things between. I have really missed the diary-like way of story telling on the blog and I blame myself of falling for the pressure of creating content that will work.

As much as I absolutely love to write about beauty, travel and fashion, it feels quite refreshing to just write a bit with no strings attached. The fleeting thoughts, the intimate behind the scenes details of what’s really up with my life and a no-filter peek behind my perfect Instagram world.

I so clearly remember one of my early-years-of-blogging-posts on productivity and inspiration which was the first time I was being drawn to talking about something more meaningful, candid and personal. As I was going through some of the old archives on my blog, and I thought it’s time I catch up with you all before life gets in the way like it always does.

Being Married & How:

Yes. I GOT MARRIED ON THE 9th OF FEBRUARY THIS YEAR. There have been lots and lots of wonderful things that I have enjoyed about my wedding despite some of the stress that came along with an inter-faith marriage and the coming together of two families. I can’t imagine how quickly time has gone by, the wedding and all the functions are finally over. and I am still coming to terms with the idea of being MARRIED. I think it’s because my married life has not officially begun as I am yet to move in with my husband.  So, yes, the day I get a sudden rush of surreal adult marital status over me, I am going to come back here and share my “married’ girl experiences with ya!

Right now, I am just waiting for my visa to arrive so I can travel to my husband and kickstart my new life and focus on getting new work opportunities in Amsterdam (yep, that’s where I am moving soon.) 

There is a lot that I would like to share about the wedding and the pressure that came while planning my big day but I want to leave that to another post. For now, I am just plain excited to be sharing my life updates


Being Unemployed:

I have been working non-stop for the past eight years now and this is the first few times in these years that I have been unemployed. It feels a little strange to not have a workplace to go to and being mostly idling away at home in my shorts and in an almost homeless look. I quit my cushiony job sometime back and every time I hear someone say, “Oh! you have quit your job?”, I feel an unknown pressure of finding one real soon. But, I guess people who work in the corporate industry get accustomed to feeling very parasitical about their jobs and salaries.

I have been increasingly feeling a lack of confidence about resuming my career in Europe once I move there. This is going to be my first time scouting for opportunities, giving interviews and working abroad. The last time I moved cities from Hyderabad- Mumbai itself felt like a huge leap in my career and now taking my career trajectory outside India seems like a daunting task. The one thing that has helped ease the minor career panic that has started to set in, is surprisingly keeping up with a lot of reading about the work-industry I am in. The more I read and study, I feel I am making good and productive use of time that is preparing me well for my future work opportunity.

So, yes that was a little update for you (or a full meal, you decide). If you would like to see more life-update like chatty posts do let me know in the comments below. It’s always so nice seeing  and hearing from some of you who take keen interest in my content and posts here. Thank you endlessly for all your support as ever. I can only try and commit to being more consistent here. Please do let me know if you want to see more of these posts.

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