A New Flea Market In Hyderabad

13393903_10209000637788668_3664283128515145120_n I recently visited a very interesting flea market “Treasure Trunk Market” in Hyderabad that was hosted by a very popular cafe called Kavanah. Flea markets have always excited me for various reasons. One major reason is that you discover a lot of new and interesting brands who sell quirky and awesome products. The shopping experience in a flea market is very different and refreshing unlike the typical shopping mall experience. A flea market is one place where creative entrepreneurs who do not have stores get a lot of visibility. Flea market provide a great platform to local brands that do not have a physical space yet. From organic products, designer shoes, mobile accessories and street style clothing, there were  so many products that were beilg sold in about 10 different stalls that were put up at the Treasure Trunk. I had a chance to interact with lot of young and old entrepreneurs who are into manufacturing and designing some amazing products. I was a little surprised to discover some amazing designer brands from the city. 13406905_10209000681869770_3071792380707638390_n 13407097_10154235277309872_7654913319155712297_n 13445383_1062878390466963_255491180794535317_n 13445402_10209000682789793_6957004667118129557_n   Most of us often ignore purchasing from local boutiques because there is this myth that local boutiques are often expensive. I myself have never bought myself anything from a local boutique store. But let me tell you that the up and coming designers of today are coming up with some brilliant designs which cannot be found in any retail brand. People who appreciate original and quirky designs will identify with what I am talking about.  I am now already little hooked to discovering new brands and trying out some of their stuff. And how can I not talk about my #whatiwore to this place? Fitting to the concept of a vintage flea market, I chose to wear a 90s inspired button-down corduroy skirt and paired with a mustard top. IMG_0343-1-e1466280954495 Also, this was my first time PR experience where I was actively meeting people who were designers, customers and telling them about my blog and what I write about. I was quite excited and nervous. I also met some of my blog readers for the first time. They came to me and congratulated about my work and we shared some open feedback too. IMG_0397   Also, I met a couple who have started a new venture called The Flo which designs 3-D printed jewellery. You have to check out their designs. There is something very unique in their products. They are a little ahead of time I know, but they are going to be super big in a couple of years. While trends keep coming and going in a circle, 3-D printed design is something that’s going to stay and be loved forever. And this is what I exactly told them. IMG_0323 The entrepreneur who runs The Flo was seen wearing her own design. She styled her basic black midi dress with a 3-D printed necklace. And there was something very unique about it. IMG_0325 IMG_0407 I am quite impressed with how Hyderabad is taking to this culture of open flea markets and encouraging entrepreneurs. This was my first of it’s kind flea market experience and I am looking forward to more such events.  

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