A Beautiful Year – Year of Many Firsts.

I have completed a quarter of a century of a beautiful and an eventful life. Raised by a loving family in a beautiful city, I had no inkling of how it will be when I move out of my hometown. My last four years of being independent and being away from home has been nothing short of a movie. I strongly believe that what you become is a reflection of your life experiences and the people in your life. These years have given me a lot of new life stories – My first job, my first all girls’ trip, my first all boys’ trip too (haha), my first startup, my first date, my first time in being completely broke, my first day at the gym, my first in hosting a house party, my first in randomly quitting a job, my first heartbreak, my first trip outside the country and the list is endless. These firsts, I am sure every twenty something will relate to. But the year of 2015 was personally a Year of many special Firsts and that’s why this post.
This story “A Beautiful Year” should have been up on the blog in January itself. But I was waiting for the perfect photo story to happen and I also needed a good amount of time to think upon everything awesome that happened to me in the year that passed.
1. Year 2015 was the year I travelled to Goa, one of the most popular destinations in India. It was a special trip for various reasons. I want to go back again sometime soon.
2. I cannot forget the day I dared to cosplay as Hermione Granger for an event at my workplace. It was daring and the output was brilliant because I was the only cosplayer who took it most seriously. I worked all night like a school kid to paint my Gryffindor tie and relived some childhood memories doing my cosplay costume.
3. Started a Fashion Blog: I was secretly documenting my fashion stories in a private blog and a private Instagram account for about an year now. After a long conversation with a friend one night, I just decided to start blogging. I came up with a blog name and got my first outfit shoot done in just a week’s time.
4. Became a Live Music Artist – After long hours of casually jamming with a few musician friends, I rediscovered my passion for singing. With a little training, I started performing live at places here in the city. In an year’s time I am humbled to say that I am now of the few known music artists in Hyderabad. The whole concept of performing to a live audience in a public place was eerie in the beginning. But today, singing live has become an obsession for me.
Becoming a live music artist is by far my most striking achievement till today. Being a performer has taught me more things than my school or my work experiences did. I have learnt to value the dignity of pursuing any form of art and I am continuing to learn a lot of life lessons from music. I am so fortunate that I got connected to my musical roots after years. I haven’t been so happy in the longest time.
This little black outfit is what I wore for the New Years’ at my biggest gig of the year. Though the gig was a hit, I also received umpteen compliments for this look. It was a special day and I planned my look much ahead of time. I know an LBD for New Years is extremely cliched but it is never out of style.
 Needless to say, this look summarises the whole of last year because it tells a story- “A Beautiful Year”- Year of Many Firsts.
Outfit Details:
Little Black Dress: Zara`
Ankle Length Boots: Tresmode
Sling Bag: Code
Delicate Jewellery: Forever 21
Olive Green Jacket: Max Fashion
Hat: Forever 21

A beautiful moment captured by my friend Salih Halfawe. That’s my friend Mahadev Krishna on the table who took such stunning pictures for this story.

Venue courtesy: Soda Bottle OpenerWala, Hyderabad

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